REVA Network is a unique community providing an online forum where Real Estate Professionals and Virtual Assistants who specialize or wish to specialize in real estate assistance can collaboratively support each other in the pursuit of maintaining high levels of ethics and professionalism while also increasing the capabilities and business opportunities for all its members.


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Your Pro Real Estate Virtual Assistants

INCREASE Your Success! by utilizing the talent of a PREVA (Professional Real Estate VA)! Allowing a PREVA to assist you with all your daily business needs will allow you to enhance your business, spend more time in your personal life and set goals that can finally be accomplished without taking any more time out of your busy schedule. More Info or Join

So, why does REVA Network soley work with real estate investors? The answer is quite simple...real estate investors like to keep their fixed costs low. And since it is very expensive to hire a local employee in many states across the U.S. like Texas, many investors turn to us.

We work with successful real estate investors like: We Buy Houses San Antonio Company based out of San Antonio,TX, Austin, ect.   

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Virtual Assistants in Real Estate

Finally, you have the opportunity to network in a community specially coordinated for the real estate specific VA!

Build your list of services and skill sets by learning the needs of Real Estate Professionals from around the world and from other Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistants. More Info or Join



Virtual Assistants

Are you ready to add to your resume that you have the experience needed to work with REP?

By joining this group you can focus on what the role of a PREVA means and how to utilize your talents and achieve a PREVA status. More Info or Join