REVA Network is a unique community providing an online forum where Real Estate Professionals and Virtual Assistants who specialize or wish to specialize in real estate assistance can collaboratively support each other in the pursuit of maintaining high levels of ethics and professionalism while also increasing the capabilities and business opportunities for all its members.


About REVA Network

REVA Network is a special community where REALTORS and Virtual Assistants can exchange business-building ideas.

REVA Network History

REVA Network is a community for Realtors and Virtual Assistants to exchange business building ideas. Membership in REVA Network provides Real Estate Professionals, Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistants (PREVA) and Virtual Assistants a way to communicate with each other. The forum provides every member with a way to ask questions or research previous discussions to assist with business needs. In addition, the latest news and calendar events are posted to help provide members with the latest community information.

REVA Network was founded by the following pioneers in Real Estate Virtual Assistance.

Michael Russer
For nearly a decade, Michael Russer, a.k.a. Mr. Internet®, has been helping business owners, entrepreneurs and sales people increase their profits, productivity and quality of life at work. Using his dynamic e-Productivity™ business model, he transforms frustration and overwhelm into decisive action and increased confidence. Father of "Virtual Outsourcing" for the real estate industry and a still major advocate in Virtual Outsourcing.

Kim Hughes
Kim Hughes, owner of KH&Company; With over 17 years in the real estate and mortgage industry and one of the first Virtual Assistants to specialize in Real Estate.

PJ Babcock
REVA Teams CVOO (Chief Virtual Operating Officer) and co-founder of PROVAST, LLC has more than 25 years in the training and education field. This experience includes the design, development and successful execution of two national training organizations and a corporate university. She has been a critical part of the management team in the creation and successful implementation of four start-up companies, all related to the computer and technology industry.

Bev King
Owner of Global Connection Virtual Office and over 20 years experience in Real Estate with over 6 years experience as a Virtual Assistant. Bev specializes in providing assistance to Appraisers and REO Agents.

Karen Drebes
Karen Drebes, owner and president of Source for Sources, Inc., offers over 30 years experience in the business world. A certified Master Virtual Assistant from International Association of Virtual Office Assistants.