REVA Network is a unique community providing an online forum where Real Estate Professionals and Virtual Assistants who specialize or wish to specialize in real estate assistance can collaboratively support each other in the pursuit of maintaining high levels of ethics and professionalism while also increasing the capabilities and business opportunities for all its members.


INCREASE Your Success
! by utilizing the talent of a PREVA (Professional Real Estate VA)! Allowing a PREVA to assist you with all your daily business needs will allow you to enhance your business, spend more time in your personal life and set goals that can finally be accomplished without taking anymore time out of your busy schedule.

Here you will find all the information you will need to build a successful virtual partnership with a PREVA.

You will get from this group of professional and qualified PREVAs the ability to ask questions anonymously, and receive the answer or suggestion from not just one but several experienced VAs. This will be done through the REP/PREVA Yahoo Discussion Group.

When you have decided that there is a particular PREVA you would like to build a partnership with, you will have a user name and password to enter this site and search the profiles to make a personal contact.

Already working with a PREVA? -- You can offer suggestions or tips that have actually worked for you in your business and learn from other REPs how they maximize their PREVA.

This revolutionary new concept is the first of its kind in the REP and PREVA world! So join us and let your success be known or discover how a PREVA can assist you in taking your business level.

Your can opt out at anytime or stay as long as you want. The decision is yours. You have total control on discovering more about this innovative group of professionals and pioneering the way for a growing industry!

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