REVA Network is a unique community providing an online forum where Real Estate Professionals and Virtual Assistants who specialize or wish to specialize in real estate assistance can collaboratively support each other in the pursuit of maintaining high levels of ethics and professionalism while also increasing the capabilities and business opportunities for all its members.


REVA Network News

REVA Network to sponsor National Real Estate Cyber Convention & Expo --Summer Session

The REVA Network is sponsoring the Summer Session of the National Real Estate Cyber Convention and Exposition, which is now open. Get your complimentary pass at

Members and associates may register now without cost and attend this premier networking and education event from the comfort of their home or office.

This year's Summer Session speaker lineup includes:

  • Michael Russer, "Mr. Internet" Leading Author, Speaker and Strategic Consultant, Russer Communications, "How to Convert Online Inquiries Into Closed Transactions"
  • Stefan Swanepole: Leading visionary on trends and change, and noted author "New 2008 Real Estate Business Trends"
  • Dirk Zeller, widely published author in success and sales training in real estate, CEO Real Estate Champions: "Dealing with Sales Objections"
  • Special Report "This is the Future" a 10 minute slide show that focuses on new perspectives for worldwide technological change.
  • Kim Ades, Founder and President of Opening Doors and Frame of Mind Coaching: "Your Frame of Mind --The Key to Your Success"
  • Bill Gates, Chairman Microsoft Corporation, Departing Keynote
  • Matt Jones, Author, Founder and CEO of, "The Real Estate Buying Cycle Explained"
  • Jack Peckham, Executive Director, Real Estate CyberSpace Society, "How to Really Enjoy the Cyber Convention".

Attendees can also check out the latest business building ideas, products, services, and special offers at the Expo booths in the Exposition.

Get your complimentary pass:

15 % discount on the REPA Online Certification Course
All VA Members of REVA Network are now eligible for a 15 % discount on the REPA Online Certification Course. The course is online so you can take it as your schedule allows. This is a valuable course to help expand your knowledge of the Real Estate industry. Please go login to the VA Forum for more information or contact, Catherine at [email protected]

REVA Professional Guilds
Michael Russer and the REVA Network are pleased to announce the formation of REVA Professional Guilds for the benefit of its Virtual Assistant members.

Professional Guilds are being established to promote individual specialties of Real Estate Virtual Assistants, and will benefit all VA's by by providing a guidance of conduct, mentorship opportunities, and establish standards of excellence in support of real estate professionals.

The REVA Network Professional Guilds embraces the spirit of members helping members. The membership is a diverse group of professional real estate virtual assistants who come together for the same purpose�learning and sharing best practices and the latest in techniques and technology to assist real estate professionals to grow and thrive in their professional pursuits.

To support members' efforts, each Specialty Guild offers designation on three levels�Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. Guild members seeking to acquire skills to achieve Master level status will be given the opportunity to petition for mentorship to increase their knowledge of their chosen specialty under the direction of a Journeymen or Master level member.

This is a free benefit to the REVA Network members and we encourage ALL members to become involved in one or more Guild's of their choice!

Each Specialty Guild will be lead by a Guild Chair and Oversight Committee who will be responsible for establishing the individual Guild requirements for each level designation, as well as develop and administer the Guild by-laws in support of the REVA Network By-Laws.

The following Specialty Guilds will be formed:

Listing Management - Marketing & Coordination: Input/update MLS, custom marketing plans, buyer/seller reports, etc.
Guild Chair: Elaine Stewart - Email: [email protected]

Transaction Coordination/Management: Managing transaction from purchase agreement to close
Guild Chair: Cindi Pree - Email: [email protected]

Copywriting: Press releases, bios, website content, newsletters, etc.
Guild Chair: Lois Feinstein - Email: [email protected]

Executive Level Management: Operations, Training, HR Support, Project Management, etc.
Guild Chair: Lisa Morgan - Email: [email protected]

Marketing Design: Desktop Publishing, Custom Graphic Design, Agent Marketing Graphics Design
Guild Chair: Evy Williams - Email: [email protected]

Business Management: Office Management, Income/Expense Administration
Guild Chair: To be appointed

Contact/Lead Management: Lead generation, lead scrubbing/qualifying, contact/lead management
Guild Chair: Renae Bolton Email: [email protected]

Marketing Online: Online Marketing, Virtual Tours, Drip Marketing, etc
Guild Chair: To be appointed

Marketing Specialist: Marketing Specialist, Marketing Plans, Direct Mail
Guild Chair: To be appointed

Strategic Marketing: Event Management, seminars, open houses, feedback, etc.
Guild Chair: To be appointed

Website Development: Website - Custom, Website- Template, Website - Search Engine Advertising
Guild Chair: To be appointed

If you are interested in specializing in one or more of these Guilds, please contact the appointed Guild Chair indicated, or send an email to [email protected] indicating the Specialty Guild you're interested in joining.

In Search Of
There are several Guilds where no Guild Chair has yet been appointed. If you feel you have extensive experience in any of the above Professional Guilds and have an interest in serving as Guild Chair, please send an email indicating the Guild you are interested in, and detailing your qualifications to the attention of [email protected].

Web Site Redesign
The REVA Network is going to have a new look! We are currently redesigning the REVA Network website to not only project the professionalism and high standards of its members, but to serve as a valuable source of information, training and networking opportunities for the real estate industry. Stay tuned for more details!